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Event Options & Party Supplies


Any Excuse For A Party!, Inc. offers a variety of products and dance party supplies suitable for any event. We own and operate all of our equipment, allowing us to provide high-quality entertainment at a price you can afford. Whether you’re searching for inflatables or fun foods for all, our private party planner will help you make your event a blast!


We have experienced abundant success within this industry due to our experience and ability to make every customer our top priority. All of our permits are up-to-date, and we rigorously test all measures to ensure a safe environment for everyone. We are always working to ensure our dance party supplies and inflatables are in top condition and working as effectively as possible.


When you are in need of a private party planner, look no further than Any Excuse For A Party!, Inc. We offer a vast amount of entertainment products to help create lasting memories for you and all of your guests. Contact us today at (973) 808-8700 for more information.

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