Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Are your inflatable rides registered, inspected, and permitted by the State?

A. Yes, they are. It is required by law to have inflatables inspected by the state. An inspector will close down any that do not have valid permits or are not up to code.

Q2. Do you own and operate your own equipment or do you sub-contract other companies?

A. While some companies are simply party planners, we own all of our equipment. This helps make it easier to plan the for the attractions you would like to see most!

Q3. Can we come and visit your office and warehouse?

A. Yes, all are welcome to visit our facility at 16 Gloria Lane in Fairfield, NJ to see our equipment and meet with our sales team.

Q4. Are you fully insured for all of your entertainment options?

A. All of our entertainers (DJ's, MC's and performers) are insured under our company policy. 

Q5. Are staff provided and included in the price?

A. While some companies only drop off equipment and setup, we include a staff member(s), as needed for all our equipment to ensure operations are run smoothly and safely.  ​

Q6. How long have you been in business?

A. We have been in business in the entertainment industry for over 25 years.

Q7. Can you provide us with references?

A. Yes, we can provide references for any specific type of event including but not limited to: Weddings, sweet sixteens, and Mitzvahs. 

Q8. Will I have a specific sales representative throughout the entire event?

A. Yes, during the planning process you will have a dedicated sales representative working with you. However, any sales representative will be able to assist with any questions or suggestions. During the event, a coordinator will be there and will be your personal contact to answer any questions, supervise the staff at your event, and ensure the overall success of your event.

Q9.  How can I go about booking future events?

A.  Keep in touch! Your sales representative will follow up after the event to ensure we exceeded your standards.  Subscribe to our Newsletter to keep up with seasonal catalogs.  We have specialty products and services for any occasion, all year round.


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