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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are your inflatable rides registered, inspected, and permitted by the State?
    Yes, they are. Our inflatables are type-certified and inspected by NJ, NY, and PA. An inspector will close down any that do not have valid permits or are not up to code.
  • What is your crowd control policy?
    Crowd control is the sole responsibility of the customer. If crowd control is not enforced by the customer and there is a danger to our staff, volunteers, or participants in the activities, Any Excuse For A Party, Inc. reserves the right to shut down any equipment. If equipment is shut down for this reason payment is still required by the customer.
  • What is your postponement policy?
    An event may be postponed one time for reason of extreme weather, act of God, or an extraordinary circumstance agreed upon. The customer must contact and confirm the postponement with Any Excuse For A Party, Inc. within 48 hours before the event. If an event is postponed, Any Excuse For A Party, Inc. will transfer any deposits to date within 14 days of the original event date. If an event is postponed the customer is not guaranteed the same contracted equipment as their original date but will receive available equipment of equal value. If the postponed event does not take place within 14 days of the original date then the event will be considered canceled. If an event is canceled 100% payment is still required by the customer.
  • What is the electricity policy?
    The customer is responsible for providing adequate electrical power for all contracted equipment. One 20amp, 115 volt, dedicated line within 100' is required for each piece of equipment (note: some equipment requires more). If the customer cannot supply adequate power, generators may be rented for an additional charge. If the customer supplies generators they shall not be less than a 5k watt generator with 20 amp GFI lines.
  • What is the wind policy?
    If there are high winds (approximately 15 MPH or greater) at the outdoor location Any Excuse For A Party, Inc. reserves the right to shut down any equipment that is not safe to operate at that time. If equipment is shut down for any reason, including but not limited to wind, that is outside of our control, the customer is still responsible for paying the full contracted amount.
  • Are you fully insured for all of your entertainment options?
    Yes, all of our entertainment services are insured.
  • What is the cancellation policy?
    Events can be canceled more than 45 days before the event date without penalty (less any deposits). Events canceled less than 45 days before the event date are subject to a payment of 50% of the total cost. Events canceled less than 48 hours before the event date are subject to full payment of the remaining balance.
  • Can we come and visit your office and warehouse?
    Yes, all are welcome to visit our facility at 16 Gloria Lane in Fairfield, NJ to see our equipment and meet with our sales team.
  • Can you provide us with references?
    Yes, we can provide references for any specific type of event including but not limited to Weddings, Sweet Sixteens, and Mitzvahs.
  • Will I have a specific sales representative throughout the entire event process?
    Yes, during the planning process you will have a dedicated sales representative working with you. However, any sales representative will be able to assist with any questions or suggestions. During the event, a coordinator will be there and will be your personal contact to answer any questions, supervise the staff at your event, and ensure the overall success of your event.
  • Where are the prices for the items or services?
    Prices are not listed on the website because we service the East Coast and travel fees may apply. Send an e-mail on the contact page and someone will contact you within 48 hours.
  • How can I go about booking an event?
    Feel free to call or email us and a sales representative will contact you to plan and book your event.
  • What types of events do you provide services for?
    We offer entertainment services for all types of events including, but not limited to: Corporate functions, Mitzvahs, Weddings, Project Graduations, Sweet Sixteens, and College Events.
  • Do you work with purchase orders?
    Yes, most towns and schools pay with purchase orders.
  • Where can I find a specific item or service on the website?
    You can search for any item or service by using the search feature at the top of any page.
  • How long does setup take?
    We typically get there 1-2 hours before the start time depending on the scale of the event.
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