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Diversity | World Fair


We can supply a variety of crafts and fun items for any ethnic day or celebration such as:
African History Month, Cinco De Mayo, etc. Authentic Native American rain sticks, Asian Lanterns, Custom Country Flags heat pressed on bandanas, trucker hats, or shirts, Pride Sand Art, Ukrainian Eggs, African Masks, Lucky Bamboo Plants, Masks, Sombreros, Zen Gardens, Custom Designed Paint Puzzles, Word Art, World Directional Street Signs, Roving Performers, Fun Foods - Bubble Tea, Churros, Walking Tacos, Candy Sushi, Nachos, Dreamcatchers, etc. Call or email for a complete list of ideas.

Unit Size.jpg

8' x 8' x 7'

Unit Size.jpg


Per Hour.jpg


Setup Time.jpg

1 Hour


Two 6' Tables

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