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At Any Excuse For A Party, we can provide everything you need to create the game show atmosphere at your next event. Our graduation party planner will help you determine the best options to host. Whether you are interested in extreme bingo, Jeopardy, or Spin to Win, there are games available for everyone to enjoy.


All game shows include a host, scorekeeper, monitors, prizes, and items. Our game show hosts are charismatic and fully interactive to keep all of the participants and spectators entertained and excited. Funny money and backdrops are available upon request from our party planner in NJ.


When you choose Any Excuse For A Party for your next event, you are sure to create lasting memories for all who attend. There are game show options to appeal many age ranges and interests. Contact our event planner in New Jersey today at (973) 808-8700 to begin planning your next big day.


Traditional bingo includes host, attendant, and all necessary equipment and supplies.
Date Game: Meet Your Mate

3 Bachelors/3 Bachelettes are asked compatible questions by 3 contestants see if there's any chemistry to go on a date. Includes MC hosts, sound system and limited prizes.
Extreme Bingo

Replace traditional letters & numbers with music, videos, songs and more. Match each item on your board and become the Bingo King or Queen.
Fabulous Feud

This is a great team builder for any type of event. Two teams are given questions and the team that provides the most popular answers based on a survey wins.
Game Show Mania

Enter the world of TV game shows with our complete system. Includes games pods, MC host, sound effects and limited prizes. General trivia questions covering music, movies, history, sports, and much more. Call for a complete list.
Jeopardy Game Show

Bring all of the sights, sounds, and non-stop thrills of TV's Jeopardy to your next event. From the Daily Double to the Jeopardy "sound effect" your guest will be amazed with this game show experience. Includes host, attendant, and all necessary equipment and supplies.
Spin To Win

Just like the TV show, see where you'll land when you spin the wheel of fortune. Includes MC host, large video screen wheel, sound system, and player scoring cards.
Wacky Wild and Weird

This is a Wacky twist on the traditional game show. Challenges include relay races, pie eating contests, dance along, and fill in the lyrics. Trivia questions are not limited and can be customized and tailored to your event.
Wrack Your Brain

This game show involves a trivia competition in which contestants are asked questions on a video screen. In between rounds the audience get to to participate in physical challenges.
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