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At Any Excuse For A Party, our party planners offers exceptional sports and leisure products for your next event. Our interactive “sports” inflatables come with an experienced attendant to ensure the safety of all your guests. For specific items such as air hockey, Foosball, virtual reality, and video game domes, staff attendant is optional.


Our equipment is thoroughly inspected and maintained to prevent any injuries. Our event planner in New Jersey has permits for every item and upon request, can provide it before, during, or after the event. We will work to ensure all of your guests are safe while using our various equipment.


When ordering our sports inflatables, keep in mind the unit size relative to your event location. Generators can also be provided for areas without electricity to inflate our inflatables. If you are interested in working with our college event planner for your next event, contact Any Excuse For A Party today at (973) 808-8700.

Air Hockey

All time favorite table hockey arcade game.
Requires one power line.
Air Hose Hockey

Two teams battle it out to see which team can score the goal by using the air in the hoses to push the ball around. Up to 6 players at a time.
Unit size: 12'L x 10'W x 4'H
Requires one power line.
Archery Battle

Includes air bunker obstacles, helmets, bows and padded arrows.
Archery Shooting Gallery

The Archery Shooting Gallery comes with 2 sets of bows and arrows for a fun competition to knock the floating balls down.

Dimensions: 6'L X 15'W X 10'H
Recommended For: All Ages
Requirements: 1 Dedicated 20 Amp Circuit

Play skeeball using our mini basketballs.

Dimensions: 12’L x 5’W x 8’H. Requires one power line.
Bean Bag Toss (Cornhole)

Object of the game is to toss the bags so they land on the board or in the hole. Game can be played with singles or doubles.
Beat The Bucket

The only game allowing a player the opportunity to control their fate; provided they have the reaction time and skill to do so. A single player stands behind the station and with the aid of a blocking arm, can defend the two targets from being hit. A second player throws the balls while trying to hit the 2 targets. If the player using the blocker can act quickly enough. If not, the dunkee gets soaked.
Unit Size: 6' x 7' x 5'
Requires power and water

Inflatable bowling great for all ages.
Unit Size: 35'L x 10'W
Corn Horn-Giant Inflatable

Our giant inflatable corn hole game is a super-sized version of the classic bean bag toss game. Includes 2 giant inflatable. Make sure you have enough space for both.
Unit Size: 10'W x 15'L x 5'H
Requires 2 separate power lines.
Cow Milking Race

This is a race to try and "out milk" each other. Prizes may be included with a package.

Our Inflatable Dart board with Velcro darts is a fun game to play and just as much fun to watch. Comes with Velcro foam darts for safety.
Dimensions 10’H x 8’W.
Dual Football Toss

Fun for all ages. See if you have what it takes to an All Star quarterback Up to two players at a time.

Dimensions 9'.5"L x 9'.5”W x 8'H. Requires one power line.
Dunk Tank

Hit the target to sink the dunkie in the water. Includes soft balls and staff attendant.
Requires water source within 100'. Depending on the flow rate of water source, it can take 45 minutes to 1-1.5 hours to fill the dunk tank with approximately 300 gallons of water.
Dunkie not included. Weight limit is 230 lbs.
Extreme Bingo

Extreme Bingo participants listen to the song or watch a music video depending on which game you choose, and try to solve the artist, song title, or both and check their card if one of their Bingo squares contains the song. If it does, then the participant should use an ink pen to X the square. If the song isn't on their bingo card then the bingo participant waits for the next song to play in hopes that it is a song on their bingo card.
Extreme Bouncer Touch Pad Race

Classic arcade style table soccer
Free Throw Challenge (Hoops 2)

Fun for all ages. Your basketball goes to your opponent’s side adding to their number of basketballs. The goal is to finish without any basketballs.

Dimensions 9'.5"L x 9'.5”W x 8'H. Requires one power line
Frisbee Golf
Giant Games

Super-sized version of the classic checkers board game.

Our Hi-Striker is a great add-on to any carnival or fair. Use the mallet to strike the catapult and launch the ball up the track. If you can ring the bell, you win!

Unit Size: 6'W x 5'L x 17"
No power required.
Home Run Derby

UNIT SIZE: 6' x 12' x 8'
A whiffle ball magically floats in the air and you must try to hit the ball through the home run hole in the backdrop. Try to avoid the outs!
Requires one power line within 100'.
Human Billiard

Unit Size: 30' x 17' x 2'
Inflatable human billiard. Players use soccer balls to knock them into pockets. Requires one standard 110 volt power line.
Human Foosball

UNIT SIZE: 50' x 30' x 8'
A giant inflated version of the classic arcade table game. Participants are hooked up to bungee cords as they try to kick the soccer ball into the opponents goal.
Requires one power line.
Indoor Water Tank

Bring the outdoor water tank inside. Out heavy-duty vinyl booth keeps water contained. It can operate with as little as 5 gallons of water.

Dimensions: 8’L x 4’W x 9’H
Inflatable Hoops

Inflated version of the classic arcade basketball game. Requires one power line
Laser Tag Experience

Multiple Inflatable Obstacles.
Laser Tag can be played individually as well as in teams. Step behind our inflatable bunkers and try to "tag" you opponents with your laser before they "tag" you! Guns keep score and have various sound effects. Add a DJ & Light Show for a thrilling experience.
Light-Up Ping Pong Table

3, 6, or 9 hole course include a variety of obstacles, colored balls, scorecards, flags, putters, etc. Add black lights for a glow effect!
Paint Ball T-shirt

Shoot at your T-shirt and create a cool splatter design using our high powered paint ball gun.
Up to 100 t-shirts. Call for more details.
Ping Pong Table
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Pit Stop Challenge

Pit stop race brings all the energy of Stock Car Racing to any event!
Requires one power line. Two players at a time.
Unit Size: 10' x 8' x 4'
Radar Speed Cage

Test your speed in a variety of sports such as baseball, hockey, and soccer!

Unit Size: 10' x 15' x 8'
Rock N Shot Basketball

Unit Size: 8' x 6' x 8'
Inflatable electronic basketball with a twist. Play the game while relaxing in our video lounge chairs. This is for all of the couch potatoes out there! This can also be used without the chairs.
Requires one power line.
Rock Wall

Unit Size Requires an area of 25' x 25' x 24'
Thrill seekers of all ages will have a great time as they climb this 25' hard dock mountain! It comes complete with climbing gear, assistants, and a safety pillow. See if you can reach the top!
Scooter Race

Use our people-powered scooters against your friends in this wacky race! Comes with an inflatable course.
Requires one power line.
Requires a 40' x 40' area.
Slime Machine

Get slimed! With our new version of the classic dunk tank! Could also be used with Game Show Case Package!
Requires to be setup outdoors and near water source.
7'H x 7'W x 6'D
Soccer Challenge

Fun for all ages see if you can score into goal cut outs.

Dimensions 20’ L x 11' W x 10' H. Requires one power line.
Soccer Dart

You kick a Velcro covered soccer ball at a giant inflatable dart board.
Indoor or outdoor use.
Unit size: 12' Long x 7' Wide x 16' High.
Requires one 110 volt power line.
Speed Light Touch Pads

Similar to "whack-a-mole" but without the mallet. Two players race against each other to tap the most colored light pads which appear at random.
Unit size: 6'W X 3'L X 4'H
Requires one power line.
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Stuck On You

Two Participates stuck together with velcro suits try to hilariously pry themselves apart.
Super Sized Video Games

Take your gaming experience to next level with our 6' x 8' -
10' diagonal video screen.
Choose from Play Station, Wii, X box system. Call for more details.
Surfboard Simulator

See if you have what it takes to ride the waves. Up to three players at a time.
Team Olympics/Building

Excellent for team building. Variety of contests such as: Tug of War, Sack Races, Water Balloon toss, etc. Great for all ages. Call for more details.
Three Sided Toss
Toxic Target Gallery

Dimensions: 12’L x 12’W x 8’H. Requires one power line.

Step in front of our inflatable and shoot as many foam balls through the target holes as you can. Up to two players at a time. Cannonball guns are safe for all ages.
Virtual Reality

Unit Size: 15' x 15' x 10'
It's new, it's exciting, and there is nothing like it.
Watch the players inside the cage frantically run back and forth dodging a blast of cold water when caught near one of the targets that is set off when it is hit by the ball! It's exciting and as much fun to watch as it is to play.
Water Dodgeball is fun, safe and exciting for all ages!
Requires one 120VAC/20AMP power line and water source within 100'.
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Water Tag Maze

UNIT SIZE: 30' x 30' x 10'
Our Water Tag Maze is similar to Laser Tag but uses water soakers instead of lasers. Players wear special vests that collect water in both the front and back. The winner is the player with the least amount of water in his or her vest when the round ends.
Can also be play used with Nerf guns.
Requires one 120VAC/20AMP power line and water source within 100'.
Wedgie War

Two competitors wear wedgie diapers and try to remove them from each other.
Western Gallery Toss

Unit Size: 20' x 20' x 13' Requires one power line.

Fun for all ages. Inflatable Western out house shootout with c02 cannon blasters.
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