Spa Ideas from our Private Event Planner

Everyone needs a break once in a while from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. There is no better way to release stress than to have a de-stress event put on by Any Excuse For A Party. Our party planner in NJ will work with you to incorporate a variety of spa idea for your class or corporation.


Our event planner in NJ will provide you with all of our best options. From aromatherapy and diffusers to facials and hot stone massages, there is something for all different levels of stress. All packages will include an attendant, as well as all of the supplies and equipment necessary.


Treat your guests to a relaxing experience when you work with our private event planner. Everyone deserves a little de-stressing, and something as simple as a manicure can help individuals feel like new again. Contact Any Excuse For A Party today at (973) 808-8700 to begin building your package.

Air Freshners

Create your own Air Freshener. Choose from a variety of shapes such as leaves, hearts, stars, smiley faces, and more! You are able to customize it with the scent and paints of your choice. Great idea for your car or room.
Any Excuse Cafe

We'll provide all the supplies, equipment, and server to make your event stress free!

Aromatherapy is a form of alternative medicine that uses volatile plant materials, known as essential oils, and other aromatic compounds for the purpose of altering a person's mind, mood, cognitive function and health.
Bath Fizzy Ball

Fun to make. Make Your Own incredibly relaxing bath fizzy balls.
Great as handmade gifts.
Call for more details.
Blood Pressure Machine

Let everyone check their blood pressure when adding this to your spa event.
Body Spray | Hand Lotion

Create your own hand lotion! Inquire about organic non-scented liquids. Customizable pictures can be included on the bottle.
Candle Art

Create your own candle using different colored sand with multiple glassware to choose from.
Day At The Beach (Zen)

Create a relaxing zen garden where you can imagine yourself at the beach sitting in the sand, soaking in the sun.

A scent diffuser releases relaxing scents throughout your room. Great for creating an aroma ambiance. No heating or flame involved so it is safe for all ages!
Eyebrow Threading

No better spa treatment than getting your eyebrows done. Our professional staff will remove unwanted hair around the eyebrows.

Book our facial specialists for your next stress relief day. Your guests will enjoy this relaxing station.
Flip Flop

Create your own flip flops and add nice decoration to it. Great option after pedicures!
Glass Painting

Create your own glassware using multi colored paints. Customize it into beautiful artwork.
Hair Shop

Choose from: Hair Wrapping, Crystalizing, Feather Extension and more. Call for details.
Hot Stone Massage

Heated smooth, flat stones are place on key points on the body. The massage therapist may also hold the stones and use them to massage certain areas of the body.
Infinity Massage Chair

This item is sure to be a hit at your next "de-stress" event. It has electronic massagers with different options of intensity to cure all the knots of stress throughout your body.
Lip Balm

Create your own lip gloss and choose from a variety of flavor and color. You can even customize the label! Optional sprinkles are available.
MADquarium Bath Gel

Here's a new way to keep yourself clean! Fill one of the jars we provide with lightly scented bath gel base. Add items from our colorful mix of critters to customize the project to your liking. The finished product is not only useful when bathing or showering but also serves as a beautiful decorative item in your bathroom.

Great for theme'd parties such as LUAUs, Beach theme, or kids party.
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Makeup Artist

Our professional make-up artist will apply makeup to enhance, and/or alter the appearance of you or your guests
Massage Chair
Massage Therapist
O2 Oxygen Bar

Great stress-free product for your next event!
Paraffin Hand Dip

Add paraffin hand dip to your spa package. Always a hit!

A Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing.
Shampoo & Conditioner

Mix your own custom shampoo and conditioner. Choose a fragrance and color and stir with a base. The finished product comes complete with a custom personalized label.
Shimmer Body Lotion

Our rainbow colored collection of body lotions allow your guests to layer and/or mix lotions, gels and glitter in an attractive bottle. The package contains scented lotion scented gels, and various bottles of litter along with custom labels for finishing touches.
Smoothie Bar

Try out Tropical Themed smoothie bar and you won't be disappointed. Frozen slushy drinks are made to order by our bartenders.
We use nothing but fresh fruits to quench the thirst.

Inquire for organic fruits.
Soap Factory

Make your own soap creation and design. Our staff will assist you in creating a custom bar of soap in a variety of shapes. Add different scents and objects to really make it your own.
Spa Bubbles

Using our pump system, your guests will layer and/or mix a variety of scented bath gels and glitter in an attractive bottle. Labels can be customized along with a variety of colored caps.
Stress Ball

Create your own stress ball to relieve stress at your desk, in front of the TV, or anywhere!

Great for students who are frequently on computers, mobile, or electronic tablets.
Sugar Scrub Sundae Package

The Sugar Scrub Sundae Package comes complete with tubs of sugar scrub, ice cream, scoopers, various toppings, glitter, plastic containers with lids and custom labels.

Sugar Scrub Sundae is a fragrance spa experience. Use it on the body, hands, and feet to exfoliate, soften, smooth, and moisturize.
Yoga Instructor

Great for stress relief events! Our professional yogi will instruct and teach proper yoga and meditation,
Zen Garden
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