Make Your Own Novelties

At Any Excuse For A Party, we offer a variety of “make your own” novelties and activities for party guests to enjoy. Our party planner in NJ will provide a list of all of the supplies and instructions needed to make these items. Whether you are hosting a sweet 16 bash or a bar mitzvah, all of our MYO items are a guaranteed hit!

Our professional event staff will also be assisting your guests with the process of creating their items. Their expertise in crafting our  wonderful novelties will be beneficial to your guests in helping them bring out their creativity. Our staff are familiar with the different processes involved with each different MYO craft and can assist anyone struggling in the moment and ensure everyone leaves with their own memorabilia.  


As one of the top party planning companies in NJ, Any Excuse For A Party is dedicated to providing quality, differentiated entertainment services and entertainment. Every MYO featured below can be fully customized. Whether you want to show school pride, colors, or wear your own comics/memes.  All our MYO crafts can accommodate smaller children or adults tailored to their needs.  Our event planner in NJ will help you throw the best party ever. Our flexibility is what keeps our customers continuing to trust our superstore!

Body Spray | Hand Lotion

Make your own body spray or hand lotion by choosing a frangance and color and making it unique!
Bottle Cap Art

Create various jewelry out of bottle caps.
Design your very own recycled bottle cap for earrings, necklaces, bracelets, etc.

Decorate and personalize your own bracelets. Make one for yourself or for someone else as a gift.
Bury Your Fears

Paint and personalized your own mini coffin.
Candle Art

Create elaborate designs in glass containers using special colored, crystallized wax. Insert a wick, add a scent, and presto! You've got your very own work of Candle Art!
Candy Art Dispenser

Candy Art is like sand art except the colored powder is candy! Sand-like candy is funneled into long, clear tubes so that your guests' designs can be seen then eaten. Tasty flavors include Wild Cherry, Green Apple, Sweet Banana, and more!
Canvas Paint
Car Air Freshners

Create your own Air Freshener. Choose from a variety of shapes such as leaves, hearts, stars, smiley faces, etc. and customize it with a scent and paints of your choice.

Great idea for your car or room!
Car Stickers

Choose between multiple different car stickers to spice up your vehicle!
Crayon Art
Dazzle It!

Use your imagination.
Choose from gloves, hats, scarfs, etc. to bling them.

Fragrance disbursement to add room scent.
The diffuser uses porous items, such as a reed, that grabs the oil or fragrance to let off a subtle scent. There is n heating or flame involved to allow the oils to be released. So it is safe for all users!
Fish Tank

The setup includes a mini-tank, colorful gravel, plastic plants, and a goldfish!`
Flash Tattoos
Flip Flop Station

Let your creative side flow with this fun activity!

Choose from our wide array of items to add on to create a one-of-a-kind work of art. Use for yourself or give as a gift. Great for summer events or Luau Parties
Gel Scapes

Mini landscape or object inside glass of gel

Gel Scapes are one of our newest innovations. They are easy and fun to make and they look incredibly awesome when they are finished!
Giant Sized Greeting Cards

Provide a sentiment inside your caricature art.
Our caricature artists will create a custom cover on giant-sized greeting cards and you will provide the sentiment on the inside.
Glass Painting

Paint and decorate your own glass. Assorted styles and shapes available. Call for more details.
Glitter Globe
Greek Items

Place your greek logo on custom paddles
Now you can make your custom Greek Paddles for your Fraternity and Sorority. Paint and decorate the paddle any way you choose!

Additional items include key chains, t-shirts, beaded jewelry, and many more!
Greeting Cards
Inspirational Bottles

Make Your Own Inspirational Bottle station. We'll provide all the supplies and materials and instructed the guests how to create their own.
Leather Art

Create custom leather pieces such as bracelets, keychains, and more! Personalize them by using our stamps to write out your name or a saying.
Lucky Bamboo

Create a beautiful bamboo decoration.
Simply fill the glass container with water gels and add a few "lucky" bamboo stems for the finishing touch!
Moptopper Stressball
Music Video

Using a creative video editing software and green screen, we can help you make your own Music Video. Sing to your favorite songs while wearing fun outfits and props!

We will then give you a digital or DVD copy of your video to take home and show off to all of your friends!
Ocean in Bottle

Design your own mini ocean in a bottle!
This is complete with sand, shells, and small trinkets. Great craft for all themes with nature and Earth Day
Partner Pillow

Make your own Boyfriend pillow. Customized decals printed and heat pressed on the spot. Includes shirt, stuffing, custom decals and staff attendant. Approximately 30 per hour. Requires two tables and one power line.
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Personalized Painted Glass

Decorate the glass rim, interior, exterior, and the stem. Available in multiple themes including seasonal,Valentine's Day, Saint Patrick's Day, and Easter.
Pet Pillow IPod Holder
Pretzel Bouquet
Rain Sticks
Ratchet Air-fresheners

Make your own smelly ratchet air freshener. Perfect for cars, bathroom, office, dorms,
and more. Last approximately 3 months.
Sand Art

Cool elaborate designs in glass containers
The colored sand is funneled into the containers in layers to create a one-of-a-kind work of art. Sand art is as fun to make as it is to receive.

Use assorted designed and colored fabric to create your own scarf.
Snow Making
Snow Globe

Decorate and paint your own sombrero. Includes hats and paint supplies.
Spa Ornament

Create the best spa themed gift that you can customize for that special someone. Pick your own shower gel, bath sponge color, ribbon color, and glitter type.
Spin Art

Make your own cool spin design!

While your item is safely locked down and spinning, you squeeze colored paint into our spinning machine to create a cylindrical splatter effect.

Items to choose from include frames, frisbees, t-shirts, tote bags, records, sunglasses and much more!
Splatter Art Station

Create your own custom work of art.
Choose from items such as t-shirts, tote bags, frisbees, and much more. It's more fun making it then wearing it.
Splatter Shades

Decorate your own sunglasses.
Stress Ball

Make your own Stress Ball!
This item is perfect for de-stress fest at colleges and high school!
Ask about our Ninja Stress Balls!

Create and stuff your very own pillow!
This is great for yourself but as gifts as well! Different patterns can be requested for specific holiday events such as Valentines day or Christmas.

Build and dress your very own Teddy Bear!
You stuff these assorted animals with our special stuffing and then choose from a variety of outfits or even custom printed tees. Keep it for yourself or give it to someone special. Choose from a variety of animals such as:
bears, frogs, duck, dogs, monkey, cats, and rabbits.
Stuff-A-Plush Light-Up Pillows
Stuff-A-Plush Snow Globe

Stuff your own miniature animal and put inside clear snow globe.
Stuff-A-Plush Valentine's Ornament

Make your own miniature landscape. Includes soil, gravel, plant and container.
Tie Dye Shoppe

Create your very own tie dye apparel.
You choose from either t-shirts, bandanas, pillow cases, and more to create a tie dye apparel.
Tree Scape

Design and customize your planter pot!
Fill up your design with soil and insert your own Holiday tree seedling with assorted ornaments. This is great for all events similar to Earth Day!
UV Beads

Make your own custom beaded jewelry.
Choose from such items as bracelets, pins, necklaces, rings, key chains, etc. Use various stones, glass beads, alphabet beads, Greek letters, and more to create these one of a kind pieces!
UV Tye Dye Shirts
Zen Garden Collage
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