Giant Games

Get a great selection of novelty items for any occasion.

Many items can be customized or have a selection of predetermined designs.

Giant Games

Try our giant versions of the all-time classic games! At Any Excuse For A Party, we offer a variety of giant games and inflatables to help take your party to the next level. We have everything from inflatable bowling alleys and basketball hoops to giant checkers and dart boards. When you work with our party planner, you will experience only the best services and products available.


As one of the best party planning companies in NJ, we ensure all of our giant games are fun for all ages. They are a great add-on to any event, whether you are throwing graduation or school spirit event or a sweet 16 party.  The world is your game board when you play with giant puzzles and pieces with friends.  


When you need a party planner in NJ, look to Any Excuse For A Party today for all of the supplies you need. We offer a variety of different services and products suitable to create lasting memories and day-long fun. Call us at (973) 808-8700 when you need help from one of the best party planning companies in NJ!

2 In 1 (Tic Tac Toe/4 Spot)

Life size version of the games tic tac toe on one side and 4 spot on the other.
Unit size: 8'L x 6'5"W x 10'H
Requires one power line.
4 Across

Life-size version of the classic ring-dropping game. Great for championship matches.
Measures 4' x 2' x 4' (WxDxH)
Air Hose Hockey

Two teams must use the air coming through the hoses to push the ball into the goal like soccer!
Unit size: 12'L x 6'W x 4'H
Requires one power line.

Inflatable basketball fun for all ages.
Unit size: 7' x 7' x 9'
Requires one power line.

Have some fun with this bowling inflatable. Spice it up and add some black lights for a cool effect.
Unit size: 35'L x 10'W
Requires one 110 volt power line.
Candy Land

This classic board game that comes to life. Wind through Candy Cane Forest , jump through gum drop mountain, twist and turn through sweet treats. Includes life size cut outs, giant game cards, colorful props, giant sized game boards and staff attendant.
Call for more details.
Cannonball Drop

Cannonball Drop is similar to the classic game of Kerplunk. For up to 2-3 players ages 6+
Stands 4' and includes 30 cannonballs and 24 colored staws

Huge 10' Vinyl mat playing board. 24 oversized 10" x 4" pieces. Indoor or outdoor use.
Corn Hole-Inflatable

Bigger is better with this giant corn hole game. See which team can make it in with all of their bean bags first.
Dimensions: 15'L x 10'W x 5'H Requires two separate 110 volt power lines.

Inflatable giant Dart board.
Indoor and outdoor use with velcro darts. Safe for all ages. Unit size 10'Wx 8'L.
Requires one power line.
Digital Pictionary

Using a 6' x 8' video screen play pictionary on a bigger scale! Requires to be setup inside a dark room for the screen and projector.
Drop Zone

See where your coin will land in this fun drop zone game.
Giant Horse Shoe toss
House of Cards

Play cards with a life size deck!
Human Billiard | Soccer

Unit Size: 30' x 17' x 2'
Inflatable human billiard. Players use soccer balls to knock them into pockets. Requires one standard 110 volt power line.
Human Foosball

UNIT SIZE: 50' x 30' x 8'
A giant inflated version of the classic arcade table game. Participants are hooked up to bungee cords as they try to kick the soccer ball into the opponents goal. Up to 10 players at a time.
Requires one 120VAC/20AMP power line.

Giant jenga is fun for all ages.
Building Blocks

Lifesize version of Legos

Bringing back the classic game. Call for details.

Test your hand-eye coordination. Great for middle school kids to adults. Unit size:
4'L x 2'W x 4'W requires one power line.
Top Doc

Giant version of the "Classic" game. It tests players' hand-eye coordination and fine motors skills.
Unit Size: 4'H x 2'D x 4'W
Requires one power line.
Pick Up Sticks

See who can pick up sticks the fastest in this popular game.

Life size version of the classic board game.
Speed Lights
Stacking Cups

Participants compete stacking giant cups to per-determined sequences in as little time as possible.
Tic Tac Toe Basketball Toss

Play tic tac toe in a whole new light with this fun basketball tic tac toe.

This Classic floor game is back and better than ever. Up to 8 players can step up onto the giant inflated twister.
Unit Size: 15' x 15' Requires one 120VAC/20AMP power line.

Lifesize verison of the classic game.
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