Penn State 

Extreme Bingo 

Game Starts at 9:30PM

Winners text a screenshot of your Bingo card to


What is needed to play

1. A laptop, smartphone or a tablet. 

2. Have a Zoom App downloaded.

3. Access to a printer to print out your bingo card.

4. If you don't have a printer, write down the names from the PDF card that's assign to you on a paper and follow along.

Bingo Cards

Each student will be assigned a number that corresponds with a bingo card and music category  when they sign in on Zoom.

For example, the first student to sign in gets card #1, the second student to sign in gets card number #2 and so on.

The PDF bingo cards can be opened on the same or separate device, written down or printed out.  

Show Format 

The music will be played through the Music Bingo Radio Player, you must have this on to play the game. 

Each bingo game consists of 75 music clips.

Each music clip is edited to approximately 30 to 45 seconds.

Three winning bingo patterns are played within each category:

1. Bingo = 5 in a row vertical, horizontal or diagonal

2. Double Bingo = Two bingo patterns on a single card on the same sheet of paper.

3. Blackout = Blackout covers all 25 squares on a bingo cards.

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