3D Twist Game

3D Twist Game

A new twist on the classic game. Unlike the classic game of Twister, multi-colored dots surround not only the floor - but the walls too! This makes the game a bit more challenging, as well as a lot more fun! This two in one inflatable also offers sticky dodge-ball which starts by placing the Velcro balls on the center red Velcro strip. Once the referee blows the whistle, the players make a mad dash to the center line to grab the sticky balls and throw them at their opponents Velcro vest. The winner is judged by whoever has the least number of sticky balls on their vest.

18' x 18' x 9'

8 Participants at once for Twister, 4 Participants at once for Dodge Ball.





120 VAC/ 20 AMP power line within 100 ft

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